Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

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Robert Pattinson?

He doesn’t matter. Apparently, according to Jackie A from New York, what matters is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Who is divine.

So the real Robert Pattinson, who wants to be an actor, apart from the Twilight hysteria, is irrelevant?

This may not be the perspective of every Robert Pattinson fan, but it certainly is the perspective of a great many Twi-Hard. No wonder he wants to hide. On top of getting screamed at every day, accused of knocking up his co-star then bailing on her for a new co-star, and having to endure attempted strangling now and again, Robert Pattinson professionally must deal with the challenge of overcoming the curse of a dazzling fictitious vampire and carving out a career of his own.

He’s hoping to do so with Remember Me, still shooting in New York, and here he is on set today. Am told it’s some kind of romance. And there will be kissing and lovey scenes. Which will only make the crazy crazier.

To Jackie A in New York, though, he’ll always be EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN.

I look at your website for the sole purpose of the pictures. Once in awhile, I am temped to read some of your f-ckery. You are soo pathetic. No one actually gives a sh-t what you really think. Do you know that? Is there anyone out there you actually like? You bash everyone.

Maybe if you actually sat down and read the Twilight Saga, you would understand. Yes, these girls do go wild for RPattz. But its not really RPattz they are jumping at. It's Edward Cullen. You obviously don't get Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. He's like a GOD. He's just perfect in every aspect. Let us just enjoy whatever it is we have of Edward Cullen! Back off Lamey.You're seriously, seriously getting on my last nerve. Peaceee!

Jackie , NYC


More photos will be added of Rob aka Edward Anthony Masen Cullen to this post as they are released.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com

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