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Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 30, 2009 06:38:00 June 30, 2009 06:38:00

It’s Robert “Rob” Pattinson this morning on set in NYC. Every day this film entirely exteriors? Maybe it’s a cinematic love note to New York. A cinematic love note starring Sparkles? Oh yeah, New York will love that.

Several Twilight superfans have sent along the screenplay for the film. Have not read it. One of them described it as a “love story for our time”. This frightens me. And not in a good way.

Am trying to understand twihard devotion. But why must it eliminate critical reasoning? I love my husband but there will never be a day when I think that sunshine comes out of his ass. In fact, I am also very good at telling you how much he sucks. This must be because I’m Chinese. It’s Twi-hard hate mail – pre Canada Day edition!

Hi Lainey,

I was getting really tired of you’re Twilight bashing. But then it was explained to me why you see things the way you do. It’s not just because you’re a bitch but it has everything to do with cultures and sensitivity. The way you talk about your mother has shaped you, the Chinese do not have an appreciation for heartfelt emotion and connection the way Bella and Edward in the book. My friend says that the Chinese don’t express affection and emotion this way like we do in America and I understand now that you’ve been shaped by it.

To have a meaningful relationship you must open yourself up to all possibilities and feelings, that is how you get a deep connection. Having children will open your eyes. When I gave birth to my son I knew. I truly wish this for you one day. I do enjoy your blog and even though you cannot say positive things about Twilight, I will keep reading.

God bless,


Thank you Anna. Your message was insightful.

Also this email from Tricia C who was in New York last week:

Hi Lainey,

I was in NYC last week for vacation. My friends and I were window shopping and stumbled upon a movie shoot. I should have clued in that it was Remember Me as soon as I saw all the girls lining the sidewalk to get a glimpse of him! They were scary insane. No wonder this guy is scared for his life. As we were walking by one of the body guards was yelling at girls to stay on the other side of the road or they would be arrested. And one yelled back “I would spend 10 years in jail just to touch him for 5 seconds”. Seriously? Wow. Twilight fans are a new brand of crazy. And I’m sorry I witnessed it firsthand.

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