A Christmas F-ck You to Sean Penn

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 24, 2012 17:43:25 December 24, 2012 17:43:25

Sean Penn recently moaned in Esquire that all he ever wanted was to be loved. And that through all of his relationships, he’s never been really loved, properly. In particular, he intimated that Robin Wright totally punked him and that he was a victim of her romantic fraud. Click here for a refresher. Happily, Sean reassures us that, though he’s been wronged so often in the heart department, it’s only served to grow his compassion and integrity.

So I guess he won’t mind then that Robin and Ben Foster are still together...

Here they are shopping arm in arm at Fred Segal in Santa Monica the other day. They were first “discovered” as a couple in February. So it’s been probably at least a year now...that Sean Penn hasn’t been stewing about this at all because he’s so generous of spirit and worthy of love.

Trico /Bauer-Griffin, Fameflynet

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