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So many emails about this and I expect it will dominate discussion tomorrow during our Weekly LiveBlog – it was the most sought after role in a long time, the one they all wanted, and now the American Lisbeth Salander has been confirmed: Rooney Mara. Who? She’s a young actress who’s just worked with David Fincher on The Social Network.


I guess aesthetically I can maybe handle it.

And she’s not “known”. She doesn’t come with baggage. Sure, I guess I could be down with that.

But you know they’ll be speaking with “Swedish accents”, right? What in the f-ck??? (don’t get mad, no more getting mad, it’s time to move on)

That’s a lot of pressure for a young gamble. Hopefully she can handle it. Because from now on, the scrutiny will be suffocating.

And you have to wonder how it affects the family dynamics. Rooney’s sister Kate has been trying to be the “next” for a few years now. Kate played Alma Jr in Brokeback Mountain, remember? Now her little sister is the overnight Main Sh-t. No, I don’t have siblings. But I have seen The Bodyguard. Fame is a tricky bitch.

This is Rooney at the Nightmare on Elm Street premiere in April.

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