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You guys.  I mean, really.

I am not a fan of pale garments. Or neutral garments. My colouring means they look terrible on me, and so I have been conditioned to never desire them and to appreciate only full saturation and degrees therein. I usually glaze over.

But this was gorgeous. Sparkly yet sophisticated, with those shoulders and that belt – it almost made me ignore that haircut, which I cannot say I loved: a too-perfect bob made me nervous.

And then the realization – there were two. Pant legs! There were two!

Rose Byrne wore a jumpsuit to the SAG awards. A sparkly, white JUMPSUIT.     And while I immediately purged the red carpet from my PVR, because the end of it, and what therefore sticks in my memory, is Ross and Giuliana screeching over each individual Brange, I wish I still had it. Because I could swear she said she wanted to wear it because she had fond memories of another jumpsuit that had been good to her in days of yore.

I loved it, we all loved it. The only downside was this was literally the most exciting thing that happened all night, the actual show included.

Still, complete triumph. She can write about it in her diary.    

JOE KLAMAR/Frazer Harrison/Getty

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