The newest pants you’ve ever seen

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 14, 2009 07:52:02 April 14, 2009 07:52:02


This is Russell Crowe outside Letterman last night arriving in the newest pair of jeans, like, of all time. So new they probably glow in the dark. Russell taped his appearance in advance – it will air on Friday.

Not sure what’s up with the super undercover styles – it was the same this morning when he went out for his morning run. Perhaps he’s trying to hide his body for a Robin Hood reveal?

Russell has been working out hard prepping for his next film. Dropped a lot of weight, is now lean and tight but clearly doesn’t want to show it off just yet. The other explanation of course is that he’s all weird and fame-shy and doesn’t want to be photographed.

Not the best strategy these days when there’s something to sell. State of Play goes up against LipGloss’s 17 Again this weekend.

Given that moviegoers these days prefer Shrek driving and Disney harlots to gritty drama and real acting, I’m thinking Russell’s attitude, combined with the death of good taste, will lead to a State of Play box office fail. Hoping not, but how can it not?

Did you ever think that Zac Efron would trump Russell Crowe?

I hate people.

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