Ryan Gosling... a new piece?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 4, 2010 08:40:47 June 4, 2010 08:40:47

This might ruin your weekend. I’m sorry. You may want to look away.

Am currently working from etalk studio at 299 Queen West in Toronto where it’s magazine central. So they highlighted for me a page in the new People. Page 28 if you’re looking. And tucked away in the corner is a small item with a heart marked “flirting”.

Apparently Ryan Gosling and Charlize Theron were at a party together in Brentwood recently. They were “slow-dancing” and “super-flirty” and “beyond giddy”. They also exchanged numbers.

So yeah, she’s a bitch, a total bitch, but that’s a hot hookup. For stature, for aesthetics, and for intrigue, that’s a very hot hookup. And I wasn’t really buying her sh-t with Keanu Reeves anyway.

Unfortunately he did not accompany Charlize to the Laker game last night. She went with a girlfriend and those legs, those long long legs and Ryan and those legs...wrapping... together...

See? Hot. I approve.

Photos from Wenn.com

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