Ryan in Houndstooth

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 11, 2007 12:41:45 September 11, 2007 12:41:45

I know the suit looks kinda goofy in photos but in person…it was cool. He was cool. The other dudes on the press line were like – man, that’s a kick ass suit. And as always, he was chill. In a good mood at the premiere of Lars and the Real Girl last night, walking the carpet with his mother and sister.

No Rachel. But the weepy McGoslings are happy today because of this article by the Canadian press referencing yesterday’s press conference during which Ryan was asked about Rachel in relation to the sex doll he acted opposite in the movie. (In Lars and the Real Girl Ryan plays a small town man who develops a very deep and meaningful relationship with a mail order sex doll called Bianca. It’s a tour de force performance yet again and once you get past your snickering, I guarantee you will be moved. It is powerful and touching and completely original).

Anyway…about Rachel and Bianca, CP reported the following:

His bond with Bianca became so real, claimed the grinning Gosling, that he now owns one of the two Biancas used during the film - but he refused to say in what room in his house the doll resides. Gosling sheepishly acknowledged that his girlfriend, Canadian actress Rachel McAdams, isn"t so thrilled about Bianca"s presence.

I asked him about Bianca too. Actually I asked his mother what she’d do if her son brought Bianca home. She gave an off the cuff, very curious answer. Interview airs on eTalk etalk.ctv.ca tonight.

Finally, while he’s still the cutest thing ever, I have to say this particular iteration of Ryan isn’t my favourite. I suspect he’s putting on weight for The Lovely Bones – perhaps it’ll make him look older to play Susie Salmon’s father? Either way, he’s slightly pudgier than at his best, face is bloated as you can see, but when you talk to him it’s the piercing blue eyes that never change: warm, engaged, incredibly smart, and even a little mischievous.

Ryan Gosling doesn’t disappoint.

What was a little, um, freakish were the older ladies screaming at him from behind the stanchions. The teenyboppers losing their sh-t and waving signs I could sort of understand. But middle aged women – like in their 50s – begging for him to come over for a hug?



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