We’ve turned Ryan Gosling into the Easter Bunny

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 11, 2012 14:33:24 April 11, 2012 14:33:24

I wrote last week - click here to see - that we, collectively, the fans, have turned Ryan Gosling into a f-cking joke. And the Easter Bunny.

You hear about this?

It happened on Twitter - of course, where else? - on Sunday. An account called @GoslingEaster invited New Yorkers to hunt for Easter eggs from “Ryan Gosling”. People were then encouraged to post photos of their findings that included a hot picture of Gosling with a Hey Girl style message inside like:

Hey Girl, Easter is about the rebirth of Christ. But I’m reborn every day when I’m with you ...or some sh-t. Click here to read more about the hunt.  

It’s not just that it makes him look like an idiot, it also makes US look like idiots. Women, girls, whatever. That this is what happens when a man rows his boat in the rain and kisses the love of his life:

We automatically turn him into a Brock.

You know Brock?

Brock is the dude from the romance novel who chases coyotes and nurses broken-boned elk back to health.

Brock enjoys open air showers and Robert Frost.

Is this why they always try to sell us chocolate in the form of an orgasm? Is this why Michael Bay gets away with an upskirt opening shot of a model in his Transformer movies? It’s not like we’re asking them to give us any more credit. Do we deserve any more credit? When our fantasies about the “thinking woman’s man” (Ryan Gosling) amount to nothing more than Harlequin?

I wonder if we don’t owe Ryan Gosling a huge apology. And before you start with the defence that this “helps his career”, explain to me how it helps when he’s playing a conflicted gangster in a crime drama and all I can picture is him in a tight shirt feeding me Easter eggs, how this possibly helps his career.

Attached - Ryan in New York yesterday.

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