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The Ex-wife and her Ex-boyfriend

September 10, 2012 15:15:57 Posted at September 10, 2012 15:15:57
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Ryan Reynolds woke up with a new wife this morning. His ex-wife Scarlett Johansson woke up to pictures of herself holding hands with her ex-boyfriend Jared Leto at the DNC last week. Scarjo’s rep says it’s totally platonic and that everyone should focus on why she was there and her speech and the President, but still, they were holding hands and they used to be lovers and so, of course, of course we’re talking about it. Full Story

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Blake & Ryan: Baking & Babies

September 10, 2012 14:45:56 Posted at September 10, 2012 14:45:56
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

If you were asked a year ago about who played the best game in the business, would you ever have thought that your answer might be Katie Holmes and Blake Lively? Blake Lively has a lot more game than we ever gave her credit for. How did she DO that? Blake Lively didn’t just punk Leonardo DiCaprio and end up in a marriage; what she did, like a proper CEO, was set a long-range goal with a series of achievable short term targets along the way. Full Story

Blake & Ryan in Venice

August 31, 2012 16:10:08 Posted at August 31, 2012 16:10:08
Lainey Posted by Lainey
GIorio/La Pira/ Splash News

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds arrived together in Venice today. Neither has a film screening at the festival but Blake may be there with Gucci as the new face of their Premiere fragrance and the brand is hosting a big event honouring women in film. So she’ll be dressed up and posing at a photo wall. Full Story

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Blake’s Birthday -- a year later

August 30, 2012 16:50:42 Posted at August 30, 2012 16:50:42
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Blake Lively turned 25 on August 25 -- a Champagne Birthday! Remember her birthday last year? On Blake’s birthday last year, she was on a plane to Australia to visit then-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio who was there shooting The Great Gatsby. Full Story

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Blake, Ryan, Pies, Cans

June 15, 2012 15:55:47 Posted at June 15, 2012 15:55:47
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Here are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds out in New York earlier this week picking up some groceries. Is that pie crust? Looks like it says Pie Crust, or Pie Something, on the box. I can’t believe they’re not using reusable shopping bags. Also... Is that Hunt’s? OMG. Gwyneth Paltrow does NOT approve. Full Story

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Ryan & Blake on the Island

May 9, 2012 13:14:18 Posted at May 9, 2012 13:14:18
Lainey Posted by Lainey
©2012 AKM-GSI/ PUNKD Images

ExclusiveRyan Reynolds took Blake Lively to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island this week. His brother lives and works there. They stayed with him during their visit and played basketball on his block on Monday night. It’s cute, right? Ryan and Blake, all Hollywood and sh-t, running up and down the street of an unassuming neighbourhood, giggling and chasing each other. Full Story

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Scarjo gets the Met

May 8, 2012 12:51:16 Posted at May 8, 2012 12:51:16
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Andres Otero/WENN, Getty

Is that how it works? Because Blake Lively is a regular at this event. And she didn’t show. Oh I’m sure there’s an official reason that works for everyone, a reason that doesn’t involve petty gossip. But still. And yet. Blake considers herself a fashion girl. The fashion girls were all in New York. Love matters more though than a pretty dress. Full Story

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Ryan & Blake: holding hands at home

May 7, 2012 13:08:47 Posted at May 7, 2012 13:08:47
Lainey Posted by Lainey
PUNKD Images

ExclusiveAfter a few days in Napa last week, Ryan Reynolds brought Blake Lively home to Vancouver this weekend. It’s their second visit back since they officially became a couple. On Saturday they went for brunch at Sophie’s in Kitsilano - my hood! - and left hand in hand. Those images are attached at the beginning of the series. Full Story

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Blake & Ryan: love in wine country?

May 3, 2012 20:16:57 Posted at May 3, 2012 20:16:57
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Multiple sightings of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds being super romantic in Napa at dinner this week. Nothing gross, but like totally engrossed in each other. “Eyes locked” the whole time is how one person described it to me. It was so intense - in a hot sex way - that at one point I’m told when a server came by to ask if they needed something else, Ryan seemed irritated to have been interrupted. Full Story

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