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The Academy Awards are fast approaching.  I’m already in LA preparing for our coverage, Duana arrives today, and it’s going to be wall to wall Monday so get ready.  But while the Oscars are about celebrating last year’s top movies, February’s box office has been surprisingly strong as new films are opening every weekend, taking us right into March for The Hunger Games (!!!) and then before long it’ll be box office season.  Click here to catch our previous preview features if you missed them.  And have you entered our Annual Red Carpet contest yet? We cut off entries Saturday night so get to it if you haven’t! Details are below.  Um, you know about the Givenchy Nightingale bag sitting in Jacek’s office, being kept away from me strategically right?

So...it’s Oscar weekend. And Brange will be on the carpet on Sunday. And, oh look, it turns out Brad’s ex-wife is selling her new movie at the same time. Coincidence or Conspiracy? If Wanderlust wins the box office, and Brad Pitt doesn’t win Best Actor (which isn’t likely anyway), do she and Justin Theroux share, at the very least, a matching tanned smirk?

To coincide with the premiere of Wanderlust, Jennifer Aniston was honoured with her very own star on the Walk Of Fame yesterday. She wore Chanel. I do love this dress. But, as usual, she is horribly misguided about her shoes. Those are appalling.

Interestingly enough, Jen also had on her hand a “Jennifer” ring. And her man, in the audience, wore the “Justin” counterpart. Oh twee! They also kissed for cameras for the first time ever. This apparently means you should see Wanderlust because that’s how they fell in love...even though she insists they were friends forever and only hooked up after filming when he was conveniently no longer with his girlfriend of 10+ years.

Click here to see the Wanderlust red band trailer (NSFW language, brief nudity). What you won’t see is a topless shot of Aniston amid controversy that she begged to have it cut out at the request of Justin for reasons I’m still unclear about. Something about not wanting to have the public see her tits now that she has a boyfriend; he should be the only one with that privilege. Apparently the script called for her to take her shirt off in front of a wall of cameras and her blurred out “breasticles” appear on television monitors. (WHO SAYS BREASTICLES???) The studios and the producers say Justin was not a factor in changing the scene.

Real life love! And controversial Breasticles! It all ends up being marketing. Lost in all of the romance and breast talk however has been Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd is in the movie. And you all love Paul Rudd.

Regular trailer is below:

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