SEED Season 2 continues tonight on CITY (plus contest)

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2014 14:09:37 March 20, 2014 14:09:37

You know that agreement that some friends have where they promise each other that if they’re “x age” and they still haven’t hooked up with anyone than they’ll marry each other and/or have kids? Do you know anyone who’s actually done this? Or is this something that they would keep to themselves? Also, if you were a guy, could you father a friend’s baby if you knew you wouldn’t or couldn’t raise it, but you knew that you’d see the kid on a regular basis?

SEED at 9pm ET/PT on CITY.  I wrote about SEED last year soon after Season 1 premiered on CITY. The show is a contemporary version of Friends crossed with Modern Family about Harry (Adam Korson), a sort of flaky bachelor whose past sperm donations catch up to him when the kids he was unaware he had sired begin entering his life (with their families). For some reason, that just reminded me of Elle Woods:

“For that matter, any masturbatory emissions, where the sperm is clearly not seeking an egg, could be termed reckless abandonment.”

The show has been renewed for a second season (13 episodes), which aired in Canada March 6, and was picked up last fall by the CW in the US. Go Halifax!  John Doyle of The Globe & Mail calls it “a strong, off-kilter comedy series” that is “inventive and charming”. But you can check it out for yourself at, and catch up on past episodes at the same time if you’re new to the show.

CITY also wants to send you to LA to hang with Harry! I sent Jacek away to Vegas because this weather has been making him crazy. You need this, I know you do.  

Full details are here. Basically all you do to qualify watch the deleted scenes and select the reason the scene was cut from the multiple choice options provided.

Tonight’s episode sees Harry changing his mind about helping Michelle and Zoey conceive, forcing them to decide how much they really want another baby.  So catch SEED at 9pm ET/PT on CITY and good luck!

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