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If I were Salma Hayek, I don't think I'd be able to stop looking at myself all day. She's a goddess in person. Like totally, totally flawless.

As mentioned earlier, Salma and Antonio Banderas are in Cannes previewing Puss in Boots. There was a display of sorts at the Carlton pier and then a huge row of press - I was among them - afterwards.

Sometimes, as I've noted, celebrities can be hit or miss. Especially in these situations, when the media line is a mile long, and it's hot, and they keep getting asked the same, they can disengage. Let me tell you - these two came to play. Hard. They were on the entire time, she was on the entire time. I mean, Salma who is scared of snakes was still there, in all her dramatic glory, but when she is selling something, and this her first animated movie - please, the woman is business. She was playful, she was sexy, she teased me, I want her.

So here is it - in leather, and a similar floral shrug to Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala, and the most amazing spotted shoes. You know, it was blazing outside today. At noon, the sun was beating down. I was wearing a roomy maxi dress and flipflops and I could feel the moisture at the back of my thighs. This bitch? She didn't need a single touch-up, no powder, just an occasional sip of water handed to her by a publicist-assistant type, and maybe a few beads of sweat in her cleave. That's not a bad thing.

There were hints of purple in her silk shoulder situation. And a purple skinny belt. And purple Stella McCartney shades. The styling was ridiculously sharp. I guess that's what owning Balenciaga and McQueen and everything else can buy. Last year I saw her stalking around the Palais with her husband trailing, and everyone was throwing themselves at her feet to please her.

Her skin? It's SICK. A lot of them, up close, it's not as perfect as they lead you to believe. Salma? Salma is selling skincare soon. A line called Nuance. If there's anyone who can do it, who can back it up as her own product, it would be her.

Am I done gushing?

I'm sorry. But they've done like all these anthropological studies about how human beings are affected by beauty and today, with Salma, it's the truth. I'm a little stunned.

And that's before she starts talking and waving her arms around. You've seen her. You know. You kinda just sit back and let her go.

Anyway - Puss, how is it? They showed 15 minutes of footage. All the journalists were dying. From the brief glimpse they offered, it's funny, suuuuuper cute, so clever - opens in November for the holiday box office. And there are a lot of people who think it'll be huge.

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