Welcome home Salma!

March 4, 2009 13:06:59 Posted at March 4, 2009 13:06:59
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Salma Hayek returned to Paris today and was met at the airport by her husband Francois Henri Pinault. Cute right?

Many of you, your first reaction will be – oh he’s not attractive at all. Me I’ve seen worse. And from some angles he looks like Daniel Craig. This is a compliment.

Besides, you know she can basically walk into Balenciaga and start yelling at people to put things for her in a bag, right? Not that that should be everything in life but our Salma, she’s a pragmatist. Passion is not her priority. My mother, that jaded bitch, always tells me that past a certain age in life security is more important for a woman than sex. SO old school. But how new school are we really when 20 twats on television stand in a line to get a rose from one dumb dude?

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