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There are three reasons that guys I know love Sandra Bullock.

1) If you ran your hands through her hair she wouldn't scream "Don't, I just did it!"

2) Get the impression she's not going to be an uptight "lights out before we get naked" kind of girl.

3) So endlessly relaxed when she's being interviewed on these carpets - even tonight when she's poised to win and is trying really hard to pretend like she hasn't heard all the rumours that call her a lock - she is so easy and fun and f-cking real that she manages to not only have a good interview with a guy who got this job out of absolutely nowhere (seriously, who was that EW guy in the post-red carpet pre-show show?) but also create a catchphrase.

"It's time to eat after this."

So amazing. Nobody could possibly have planned it, but Sandy walks away with the best quip of the carpet, where everyone tries so hard, she's just effortless.

Then the effortless goes inside, and Reynolds and Whitaker and Streep are, like, competing to show how they're close friends with her. She's that girl, the one everyone wants to be known for being friends with. Then she wins, and we all knew she would. And you see her biting her lip as she gets up the stairs, telling herself not to dork out.

That a woman who kinda knew she was going to win, kinda knew she didn't deserve it this time around but recognized that, as the Academy often does, they were rewarding her for a body of work - and in an OSCAR SPEECH - the one time in your life where it's kind of your moment for three minutes, she made it about everyone else. About all the mamas who take care of the babies, about her own mother, about all of us being equal, about her fellow nominees. She actually managed to SHARE THE MOMENT. Who does that? And sincerely?

No wonder everyone wants to be her BFF. The one woman who wasn't trying is the woman who got everyone to love her. Yet again.

Lainey: it was more of the same in the press room. She isn’t the girl who pretends she’s the “artist” and yaps on about how this character changed her life. As Du noted, she’s fully aware hers was not the best performance. And somehow no one is begrudging her for it. In a town where everyone hates everyone else, can you imagine how rare? She had us all laughing, she happily discussed her Razzie Award, and she said she’d keep her Oscar and her Razzie side by side because that’s what it’s all about: you make some sh-t, you make some not sh-t, and you don’t take either very seriously.

As for that story about George Clooney and the pool – interestingly enough, Sandy said she really wanted to tell it. But she looked at George last night and noted how “tired” he was. “His tired eyes” weren’t up for it. So she refrained. She did however add that there’s some Tom Cruise in the tale too. So of course she left every journalist wanting more. Sandra Bullock owned the night.

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