SJP’s family night on the carpet

June 26, 2013 14:06:12 Posted at June 26, 2013 14:06:12
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick took their son to see Charlie And The Chocolate Factory in London last night. The production is directed by Sam Mendes. I love what she’s wearing – Marc Jacobs Resort. The neckline is great. It’s perfect for her, and it’s perfect for the event. But it’s the little guy who really stands out. I want his shoes.

SJP should be starting rehearsals soon for Amanda Peet’s Broadway play The Commons Of Pensacola with Blythe Danner, mother, of course, of my Gwyneth Paltrow. Something I learned recently: Gwyneth’s brother, Jake, and his wife had a daughter this year. So Apple and Moses have a cousin. And her name?

Whistler. Whistler Paltrow.

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