Poor SJP

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 3, 2011 17:37:41 November 3, 2011 17:37:41

Sarah Jessica Parker went to the Melbourne Cup Carnival today and had to hang out with Elizabeth Hurley and that vile Shane Warne she’s engaged to. Some people are really good at not letting their inside thoughts show up on their faces. This ...is not one of my skills. My friend Laura - the one with the Robert Pattinson problem - she’s even worse, or better, depending how you see it. Laura’s disgust face is, to me anyway, her best feature. I really love it when it makes an appearance, because whoever she’s directing it to - sometimes me - can’t interpret it any other way. If Laura had to sit next to that vile Shane Warne she wouldn’t be smiling and cheerful and enthusiastic and cute. No, she’d simply be disgusted. And vile Shane Warne would know.

SJP on the other hand, she is perhaps the anti-thesis of Laura and her disgust face. SJP wouldn’t dream of it. SJP puts on her gloves and she swallows the nausea and she’ll suffer through a few hours of vile Shane Warne and, hopefully, afterwards, she has someone she can unload on, a publicist or a manager, anyone to hear her release, what everyone is thinking - how could any woman get with that vile Shane Warne? How could Elizabeth Hurley?

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