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Carpets & Candids: SJP’s silver on top

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 15, 2017 21:30:40 February 15, 2017 21:30:40
Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/ Jason Kempin/ Getty Images

This outfit is all in the details. Most would wear this silver dress without anything underneath. I love that SJP threw it over a sheer turtleneck and put the mismatched cuffs on over top of the sleeves. That’s the kind of style touch that so often sets her apart.  Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: SJP’s metallic pleats

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 19, 2017 19:14:27 January 19, 2017 19:14:27

I think you might hate it? I don’t hate it at all. I think I might love it. I might even love the addition of those sleeves which is probably the most controversial part of this dress. Without the sleeves, it’d be metallic and pleated and strapless. The end. And with the sleeves, there’s all kinds of weird polarising funkiness and I’m on the side of yes. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: SJP’s clover dress

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 5, 2016 20:39:54 May 5, 2016 20:39:54
Nancy Rivera/ Jackie Brown/ Photo Image Press/ Splash News

What is this shape called? It’s sort of a four-leaf clover, right? Not quite. But it also reminds me of old churches in Europe, the mouldings, the stained glass, and … masonic imagery? Or am I totally f-cked? This dress is actually more special the more you look at it. I love the fit. Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: SJP in seafoam lace

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 12, 2016 17:09:58 April 12, 2016 17:09:58
Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Getty Images

Good God, what is this? It’s not just the colour, which always offends me. But in combination with the lace, it’s just so… dated. She’s SJP so she’s doing the most she can, but even she can’t save it. How was this ever presented to her in the first place?  Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: SJP’s metallic shoe clash

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 9, 2016 20:32:43 March 9, 2016 20:32:43
Paul Zimmerman/ Nicholas Hunt/ Getty Images

A silver dress. And gold shoes. I’m not against it in principle. But the style of the shoe here isn’t working for me. And the whole look is kinda all over the place with the jacket that’s too long on top of the dress and the shoes with wrapping crossed over the foot… Messy, non? Full Article

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Carpets & Candids: SJP’s sheer stripe

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 4, 2014 16:41:27 December 4, 2014 16:41:27
Taylor Hill/ Getty Images

This stripe of pantyhose running across the black of the rest of the outfit…you like it? I hate it. Adds a low quality element to the design because it’ll never pull taut, you see that?  Full Article