Sasha Answers: Can I change my nickname?

January 7, 2013 19:34:41 Posted at January 7, 2013 19:34:41
Sasha Posted by Sasha

I'm an adult professional and my nickname is kind of childish.  I didn't choose it, and it just keeps self-perpetuating.  I would like a nickname that isn't so childish sounding.  Can I do this? I'm worried that it's a touch ridiculous to tell everybody to call you something different at this stage in the game (I'm 31).  Thanks! L


Snatcha, Gasha, Basha Bong, Ting Tong, Tonger, and Tuna Legs. These are all the nicknames I get called on the regular and L, if I had the power to change them, I wouldn’t.   

To me, nicknames are simply a term of endearment: something a close friend affectionately calls you because they care about you, and well, because more importantly it’s some funny sh-t.    

If I’m being straight up with you L, it sounds to me like you’re taking this whole name game thing a tad too seriously, so my advice to you would be to lighten up and roll with the love. 

I promise you, unless people are calling you dick-face-liar-mean-asshole, no one is going to judge or think any less of you. So the easy answer to your question is: No, you can’t give yourself a new name because if you do, my official nickname for you will be Lame-o.

Thanks for writing in and keep your life and style questions coming at me here.

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