Sasha Finds: High Neck Dresses

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I’ve been noticing a lot of higher neck dresses on the site. Can you ask Duana or Sarah to find something? I have a ‘do coming up and have budgeted out buying something really wonderful. Something I can dress up!  Anything you can find would be so appreciated. Love K


I’ll definitely ask Duana and Sarah to find some dresses, but in the meantime K, my name is Sasha and I’ll try my hand at this fashion thing just for you!

You’re right! There have been a lot of style stars hiking up the neckline and my favorite as of late has to be Kristen Wiig at TIFF in Suno.  Now I wish for I could find this dress for you, but it’s not online anywhere, but I did check the Suno’s site and picked out one that I enjoy just as much.  Check it out here (1).

Sasha Finds: High Neck Dresses

This style of dress really lends itself well to a mod vibe and this (2) pastel printed Marc Jacobs needs to be in someone’s life STAT.

If that last dress was too much print for you then let me hit you up with something on the other end of the style spectrum.  There’s nothing better than working off a blank canvas and this next batch of solid styles will never do you wrong.  Get clicking here (3), here (4), and here (5).

Sasha Finds: High Neck Dresses

Black and white is one of my favorite color combos and K, if you can get down that mix and mash too then take a peek here (6) and here (7).

Sasha Finds: High Neck DressesOkay this (8) next look is probably just for Lainey and me so look away if you don’t like fun, awesome sh-t.

Sasha Finds: High Neck Dresses

I’ve talked a lot about the perforation trend (9), now pair that with a high neck and you’ve got yourself a hell of a one-two punch look!

If you’re looking to pretty things up then I’ve gotta say I’m really feeling this (10) dress over at Shopbop.  It’s the perfect balance of demure and vamp.

Sasha Finds: High Neck Dresses

I can’t tell the exact print on this (11) dress – is it snake?  Who the eff cares it’s rad and that’s all that matters.

Finally if you want to show off dem curves then I've found you some figure flattering finds here (12) and here (13).

Sasha Finds: High Neck Dresses

Thanks for writing in!  Love SASHA! Keep emailing fashion and advice questions to [email protected].

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