Sasha Finds: Spiked Flats

May 16, 2013 18:25:49 Posted at May 16, 2013 18:25:49
Sasha Posted by Sasha
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Sasha! I NEED those spiked shoes like Gwyneth was wearing except I want a pair of flats because I’m already too tall as it is.   T


Gwyneth’s spiked pumps were Christian Louboutin “Geo”.

Full disclosure: I'm not the biggest fan of the spiked shoe but, cross my heart, it won't stand in the way of trying to find you the flat of your dreams. Ready? Let's go!

If you've got bank like Gwyneth then I think we can call it a day at these sling-backs. Not only are they studded, but they're also fishnet - what the hell more could you ask for?

Another Louboutin spiked out look are these celebrity loved loafers. For a similar look at a way lower price point get clicking here and here and here. And if you're not down with the loafer look and just want an ordinary flat then check out this pair by Shutz.

Not only is this trend a major style statement, it's also an "I'll f-ck you up" statement as well. If you're ever in need of self defense, one swift kick into someone's nards with these will do the trick.

For some cheaper options click here and here.

On the flipside you can reverse the studding to the back - get ready to kick your heels up with my favorite picks here and here.

Finally if you want to juxtapose the hardness with a bit of softness then look no further than these Marc Jacobs flats.

Thanks for writing in and hope you found something you love! xx

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