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Sasha Finds: Princess Catherine’s military coat

December 6, 2012 20:05:45 Posted at December 6, 2012 20:05:45
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Sasha, I saw Kate Middleton in an awesome military coat.  Can you find me something like that one, but on a budget?  Thanks T. ___ A little housekeeping before I start this post.  I love you all for writing in, but when you have a specific look you want to cop, pretty please make sure to attach a picture or link for me to check out – it just makes my life easier. Full Article

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SASHA’s INTO IT: Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle

December 5, 2012 19:11:36 Posted at December 5, 2012 19:11:36
Sasha Posted by Sasha

WHAT:  CYNTHIA ROWLEY BANGLE WHERE: CLICK HERE WHY: Your eyes are not deceiving you.  This is indeed one part flask, one part beautiful bangle. This my friends, is what they call a Christmas miracle. Full Article

Sasha Answers: Workplace Body Odour

December 4, 2012 19:36:53 Posted at December 4, 2012 19:36:53
Sasha Posted by Sasha

I work in a team of 6 at the moment. Recently a new colleague joined our team from another section of the organization. Problem is she's got a major BO problem. Without boring you with details, it's genuinely unbearable. She always has clean clothes and clean hair, so we're inclined to think its a medical problem. Full Article

Sasha Answers: My friend says I’m just jealous

December 3, 2012 19:02:41 Posted at December 3, 2012 19:02:41
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Dear Sasha, My friend and I are in our 20s. She is very beautiful, but she always finds the need to talk about. She brags about how many guys ask her out, how she gets away with things because of how she looks, how people tell her she is pretty, etc. The thing is, she often makes fun of how I look- she'll say my nose is too round/flat and make comments about my teeth. Full Article

Sasha Answers: No spark in person

December 3, 2012 18:46:48 Posted at December 3, 2012 18:46:48
Sasha Posted by Sasha

I really need some help here.  a few months back i met a guy online – we live in two different states.  We've shared pics and skyped and but you can never be sure about the chemistry or how the person will REALLY be once you meet.   He came to visit me here in Portland last weekend and I wasn't feeling him as much in person. Full Article

Sasha’s INTO IT: Poler “The Napsack”

November 30, 2012 19:10:43 Posted at November 30, 2012 19:10:43
Sasha Posted by Sasha

WHAT: POLER “THE NAPSACK” WHERE: CLICK HERE WHY:  I know what you’re thinking.  This is just another thing to further feed my insane craving for comfort.  And you’re right.  It is. Full Article

Sasha Finds: Peacoats

November 30, 2012 18:53:39 Posted at November 30, 2012 18:53:39
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Sasha! Can you find me a short peacoat on a budget?  I’m still in school and really can’t afford more than 200.00, but it can’t look cheap!!!! Thank you, F. ___ Let’s kick this off with a standard no mess around black peacoat.  And this... Full Article

Sasha Finds: Boyfriend Jeans

November 29, 2012 19:53:14 Posted at November 29, 2012 19:53:14
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hi Sasha, I'm looking to get some new jeans as all I've got are straight leg and skinny jeans. I'm wanting something with a little more room and comfort, but that still can be dressed up or down. So I'm thinking of boyfriend jeans- any suggestions? I'm about 5'10" so would like to avoid anything too cropped. Full Article

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Sasha Finds: Shearling Coats

November 29, 2012 19:25:59 Posted at November 29, 2012 19:25:59
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hi Sasha, I like the style of coat that has the shearling fur on it – can you find me something like that.  Thank you! D ___ No one will ever look as hot as Jordan Catalano did in his shearling collar brown jacket. God, the nasty sh-t I would have done back then to take a good lick at that thing. Full Article

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Sasha Answers: My Friend is a Sloppy Second

November 27, 2012 19:12:04 Posted at November 27, 2012 19:12:04
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hi Sasha, So, a close friend of mine has been in this "relationship" for almost five years.  The thing is…. he has a girlfriend and they are serious (as serious as looking for an apartment to buy together as an investment.. which fell through but for other reasons). My friend A, she's 23, and this guy, B, he's 29, have been friends since forever but it wasn't until he was with this other girl, M, that they started seeing each other as something more than friends. Full Article