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Sasha Posted by Sasha at November 26, 2012 19:38:45 November 26, 2012 19:38:45

I have a question as to whether it's socially acceptable to breastfeed in public? My family and I recently went to a local restaurant (which let me set the stage - it was a local BBQ joint, not a fancy, high end establishment). My infant daughter was getting fussy during our dinner and needed to eat. As I often do when faced with this situation in public, I got out my blanket (aka 'hooter hider') and nonchalantly started to feed her under it. Completely covered up mind you and in no way did I think I was being offensive to anyone.  Well, this was obviously not the case. A middle aged woman spotted me and started moaning very loudly and repeatedly about how 'disgusting' it was and how she had come here with an appetite but now did not want to eat. Suffice to say, I was totally embarrassed as many eyes were then turned my way to see what was going on. I practically ran out of there and it really put a damper on our rare evening out.

What is your take on it? Should it not be done in a place where people are eating? Thanks so much! BA


Here’s my take:  whip out your tits any ol’ muther f-cking time you want.

BA, you did nothing wrong and the fact that this whiny-ass woman had a problem with it just proves that she was the biggest baby in the joint.  I really hate hearing about people, especially other WOMEN, complaining about breastfeeding in public.  This is what your jugs were made to do and for her to make you feel ashamed of that makes me furious.

It’s not like you were squirting milk from your nipples into her coffee?!?!!?  You were covered up and giving your child nourishment SO IT WOULDN’T DIE OF STARVATION.  Jeez-us Christ.

So BA, don’t for a second think that you did anything inappropriate here.  The only thing that was inappropriate was the way that grumpy bitch reacted.

Thanks for writing in!  Keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming here.

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