Scarjo’s ugly phase is over

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 3, 2011 08:24:07 June 3, 2011 08:24:07

If this was her decision, that is. is reporting that Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are over. They’d been together about 3 months. Not too long. People cites a source who says it’s done, that Scarjo’s shooting in New Mexico and hasn’t seen him since they held hands in Washington for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Which leads me to believe that she was the one who initiated the confirmation of the split, considering that’s not really his style anyway. In other words, she wants us to know it’s done. GOOD.

Maybe she woke up and looked at herself, looked down at her hot self and realised...why am I wasting it on that pig? (Check him out in Malibu 3 days ago. Gross.) Maybe he finally talked down to her, as he does, because he’s Sean Penn. Maybe she figured out that Sean Penn is always #1 with no exceptions. For a girl who needs to always be #1 herself, that’s a major problem.

Or... maybe she looked over at Blake Lively this week, having landed Leonardo DiCaprio, and so much attention, and decided she wanted a piece of that action. No...that’s not really Scarjo’s style. For real. But aesthetically she has always, before Sean anyway, demonstrated much better taste. I wonder then if he was just her taste of ugly. We all try out some ugly once in a while, right? In my case, I tried it out too much, too often, and for too long. UGH.

Now that Scarjo’s done with her ugly f-ck experimentation, it’s time to rejoin the scene. You know what would be Good For Gossip?

Scarjo and John Mayer.


I know!

Your eyes!

I know!

But still... IMAGINE the smut. Come on.

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