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Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 8, 2009 13:16:35 June 8, 2009 13:16:35

Some people hate the dentist. Dread going. Panic attacks, cold sweats, etc.

Me I hate getting my haircut. Which I why I normally only do it, if I absolutely have to, once every 8 or 9 months or so.

Totally irrational, yeah I get it. I know it’ll grow back. But I’ve had so many bad experiences, and my hair holds all my gossip juice, it takes me hours to work myself up, and before it happens, I feel nauseous, and sometimes, when I hear the scissors, my eyes start to tear up.

Who’s a pussy?

Me. Obviously.

But last week was just so sh-t. After that house haunted me and the headaches and the general malaise, mother thought it’d be a good idea to get some of that evil snipped off. And it was so long and heavy… it was time.

When I saw my friend Sasha last she was rocking this amazing “just came from the beach” hair and she claims hers is just like mine (she’s a half China), with more volume, and slightly shorter, and she attributed it all to Bumble & Bumble surf spray so, feeling adventurous, I asked Victor at Rain, who is gentle and trustworthy, if it was possible and he said it absolutely was possible, but I’d have to accept layers and some loss of length and of course the commitment to style it.


The hair started coming off. I have so much hair. Was only three inches but all over my head, it was everywhere. The entire floor beneath me was black, and LONG. I nearly passed out from anxiety. And then my blackberry shut itself down – why do blackberries do this????? – and then I thought, oh sh-t, I’ve lost my smutty instincts.

Of course in the end, it looked amazing. Because Victor made his magic and suddenly I was Chinese California girl with these messy waves and he didn’t even use a curling iron, just his fingers and that surf spray, kinda like MK Olsen and Cammie D, and it seemed easy…

Then the next day I washed it after golf and it looked like it hadn’t been cut at all. Still long, still flat, still boring. Hairstylists are wizards.

But I am not. It needs product.

So for 45 minutes this morning, I was givin’er with the product. Couldn’t do it like Victor did it but there’s definitely some fluff. I’m sure of it. Even my producer Caleigh noticed. A little. She said – oh your hair looks good today.

Still not sure if that’s worth losing 45 minutes of blogging time on Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Watch the show tonight and let me know.

Anyway, Selena Gomez had her hair cut too this weekend. In a mom bob. I liked it better before. But it will grow back.

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