September 21, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 21, 2012 14:17:02 September 21, 2012 14:17:02

Chana! I’m sorry about all the sh-t and diarrhoea happening right now. And poor MacGregor who’s starting his week of rough on Monday. But look at that wookie face! As long as he wakes up and you’re there, you know how they are, that’s all they need. And when he recovers, he’ll return the favour. You said you need the extra well wishes, but you also sound like you have the right attitude. I KNOW it will all work out. Be well and stay in touch.

To Maha -- Happy Birthday to the best little sister, ever! Have a great 20th birthday, as I know you will. Don't do anything I wouldn't do (which is not much, I'm pretty tame ;)). Hopefully this Tom Hiddleston goodness just about completes your day! Love, SAMCRO (Lainey: attaching photos of TH in Germany signing autographs a couple of months ago; don’t think I ever posted these.)

Good luck to Jennifer and Sheila who are doing the Vermont Spartan Beast this Saturday!

And for Jen who is homesick in Alaska - here are Kit Harington and Iwan Rheon (OMG, they’re on the same show now!) and John Travolta’s awesome hairline. Enjoy the next 3 days. I’m jealous of all your reading time!

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