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A couple of weeks ago we featured the excellence that is Cate Blanchett in the first post that Amex Canada asked me to prepare about top performers. This time we focus on those who perform FOR the stars, providing excellence in service to them as they travel the world.  

One such place, right here in Toronto, hosted a very well-known celebrity who made his fortune in the music industry who needed to have his fruit flown fresh from California every morning and his bathrooms stocked with black toilet paper. I don’t understand this. How do you know when you’re done?

Anyway, my point is he didn’t even have to ask for his black paper – the concierge at the hotel already knew that that was what he required. Which is why he stayed there. And all his famous friends too. This is the added value that the hotel provides.

I once went to a restaurant in New York, a favourite of one of the most famous women in the world, who likes her fish steamed with lemon and dill only, and the fish eyeballs separated, topped with garlic, and served to her as an appetizer. So they save the best eyeballs and present them to her immediately as soon as she walks in.

My own best experience is with the Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square, where I stayed before I moved to Toronto. There were always bananas waiting for us in our room when we checked in, because they know that Jacek starts his day off with bananas. And Paul, the GM always left a note welcoming us back. Now that I live here, I feel like I’m going to be booking in there for the odd weekend when I need to get some work done.

American Express Canada aims to service you in the same spirit. And as an Amex Cardmember, you can expect to experience this kind of service excellence.  Whether it’s amazing travel rewards, such as Amex’s Cloud 10 benefits (including Priority security lanes, access to the Plaza Premium Lounge, and complimentary valet service, parking discount, and discount car care for Platinum Cardmembers), or award-winning customer service, exciting entertainment experiences, travel perks, Membership Rewards and personalized 24/7 support.  Ask and receive courtesy American Express Canada.  

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This post was sponsored by Amex Canada.  The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

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