Sex & the City ... in the desert

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 9, 2010 10:16:09 April 9, 2010 10:16:09

So there’s a new Sex & the City 2 trailer. And thanks God there’s no mute Asian baby, but there’s also not much of a city. They open with Empire State of Mind and they end up on camels in the Middle East... why isn’t this sh-t called Sex & anywhere BUT Manhattan? This after all was a foundation point of the show. The great tv show that featured New York as the “5th lady”. These movies however, as we know, are not HBO. They are for another audience. The Oprah audience.

I think I could forgive it all if SJP stopped talking in that baby girl whisper. But she won’t f-ck off with that baby girl whisper.

So it’s been two years. And apparently Carrie and Big are in a rut. And Charlotte is overwhelmed by motherhood. And Miranda’s biggest problem is that she’s actually happy for a change. And Samantha’s is taking pills so she can f-ck more even though in that lunch scene her face isn’t moving. So they decide to go to Abu Dhabi ...what?

Yes. Girls trip. Because that’s the most original plot device ever. And of course while there, Carrie runs into .. who else? Of course! It’s Aidan!

Why do I hate Aidan?

Because Aidan/John Corbett is a poseur Jeff Bridges.

But I do love what Carrie wears to Stanford’s wedding.


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