The New Brenda is a Brenda?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 15, 2008 08:35:00 September 15, 2008 08:35:00

Or is this is a publicity stunt?

Curious item in Page Six today - apparently Shenae Grimes, being groomed to take over as the new Shannen Doherty, is quickly following in her mentor’s footsteps.

According to Page Six sources, Shenae is a beast to work with and routinely chews out her colleagues, crew members, and even guest stars. She supposedly also has a massive ego, claiming that “This is my show - everyone else is riding my coattails."



After all, people who don’t eat (and I think it’s obvious from watching the show that Shenae’s life doesn’t include food) are crusty as f&ck. I suppose it’s certainly not out of the question for Shenae’s hunger pains to manifest themselves in the form of some Alba-like behaviour.

But the thing is…

It just doesn’t sound like Shenae. Shenae has been skinny for a while now. Even before Anorexic 90210 Shenae was a bag of bones. And she still wasn’t a hungry bitch. Skinny Shenae is actually really sweet, really smart, and believe it or not, a very competent actor.

Skinny Shenae however is on a show that is sucking some serious sh*t. A major ratings plummet that is, sadly, completely deserved. The writing, the editing, Shenae’s embarrassingly vapid dialogue… all of it is atrocious. And at this point, the network is desperate for anything, even a gossipy gimmick to inject some life back into the production until the team can somehow turn things around. Given that they’re probably already shooting episodes 5 and 6, at the very, very least, this task seems daunting.

Which is why, perhaps, Shenae has been offered up to the tabloids as the sacrificial lamb. Problem is… does anybody care? Anorexic 90210 is on life support.

Photos attached of Shenae from last week at a Nylon Magazine party and also with co-star Jessica Stroup at the 90210 launch. Right now, Jessica is actually winning the thin-off.

Photos from Faye Sadou/

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