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Jacek Posted by Jacek at April 15, 2013 23:10:56 April 15, 2013 23:10:56

Hi everyone.  We’re about as close to a fix as we think we’ve been with the instability issues we experienced today and over last week.  Thanks so much for coming back when we came back up.  We’re pretty confident that today’s crash pin-pointed for us exactly what’s been causing the issues (knocking on wood), so we will attempt that fix tonight and hope to go incident free on Tuesday.   In the meantime we’re leaving our new mobile site up and running since we now know that it is not what’s been causing the issues. 

Many of you have sent feedback about the new mobile site in the last few days and we’re pleased to hear that you like it.  As expected, a few of you have mentioned that it does not agree with your phones, however, and I’m encouraging you to let me know at [email protected] if you’ve experienced the same thing.  

Can you open the articles? 
Can you swipe left and right? 
Do your photos swipe once opened?  Do they close?
Is any text cut-off on the home pages?

With so many phones out there your feedback would help so much to get things 100%.  If you have had any issues using the new mobile site please shoot me an email.  Include your phone make and model and what the problem is and we will use your feedback to make any adjustments if possible.  Worst-case scenario we will set things up so your model of phone simply defaults to our old mobile site like it did before.

With the launch of the new mobile site and last week’s instability issues, we have also made the decision to disable the daily newsletter.  Our sense was that very few of your still read the site in that form, since the vast majority of you carry smartphones and/or read the site online at work, at home, or on your tablets.   If we’re wrong in this assumption, please let us know as well.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any feedback about the above or any site issues at [email protected].   

UPDATED: Some of you with brand new, flashy iPhones and Samsung Galaxy SIII's (for example) have mentioned that you're having issues with some site features.  The site should work perfectly for you.  Please try deleting your cookies/browsing data and any old bookmarks, etc.  Once you get your phones to "release" any of that old data you will find it will load perfectly. 

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