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…You could get smashed to watch, I guess?

Duana Posted by Duana at March 13, 2012 15:21:41 March 13, 2012 15:21:41

Smash Season 1 Episode 6So. About Derek.  I’m supposed to think he’s a jerk, right?  That he’s mean and terrible and maybe someday he’ll be fired?  That was the goal of the writers? Because mostly I agree with him. I think he’s right about everything, which makes for a very weird lens through which to view the show. Full Story

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Send me the Names

Duana Posted by Duana at March 6, 2012 16:24:15 March 6, 2012 16:24:15

Smash season 1 episode 5I know some of you are Broadway-philes, or watch obscure TV like I do, or  keep track of third leads in straight-to-video productions. Send me the names of  your personal favourites. Those pets you have who sing and act, who should have been cast in the role of Karen rather than Katharine McPhee. Full Story

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Smash It All To Hell

Duana Posted by Duana at February 29, 2012 19:23:06 February 29, 2012 19:23:06
Derek Storm/Splash

Smash Season 1 Episode 4 recap It’s such a rare thing to have episode titles actually onscreen. These days they’re mostly for the production team and get talked about in the press. Anyway, this is “The Cost of Art”.And the cost of art is boredom. Sorry, but this episode somehow felt ridiculously short and brutally long at the same time. Full Story

Nice is boring

Duana Posted by Duana at February 21, 2012 21:01:14 February 21, 2012 21:01:14

Smash Season 1 Episode 3 recapThe Monday night-Tuesday morning corridor is full of recaps for me and this morning the boy asked which shows I was working on.  When I explained House of Lies and Smash air on the same night, he went  "oh, so a show about the world's most cynical, terrible people. Full Story

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Feverish Smash

Duana Posted by Duana at February 14, 2012 20:45:56 February 14, 2012 20:45:56

Smash Season 1 Episode 2 recapWelcome to the Smash review, slightly feverish edition. I say that because I am, and I hope you’ll excuse any typos, but also that’s how this week’s episode felt.  A little bit manic, which isn’t surprising, given the break-neck speed of the show. So the battle between the good little corn-fed virgin (I know, I know. Full Story