November 26, 2010 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 26, 2010 07:35:58 November 26, 2010 07:35:58

Ivy F!!! I talked to Dave Jones last night, but where were you?!?! We’ll have to meet properly some time soon.

Erica - wishing you the best best best start to your 30th year. We feel so honoured to be your friend especially when do you crazy things like hide in your bedroom with your laptop, away from your husband's prising eyes, to spend some qt with your other love: Edward. Or when you told one of us you were going out for drinks and then told the other you 'forgot about the plans we made' only to be caught at home on a Friday night, with one of the Twilight series books. It's ok, we still love you. Andrea and Melissa

Happy Birthday Mark A, the Contemporary Feng Shui Guru, for everyone who is lucky enough not to have my ma!

To my very own Blair & Serena, happy birthday Steph & Ingrid!!! Can't wait for tonight and here's hoping we keep celebrating your b-days in Gossip Girl style 'til we have "We're 81 bittttches" tattooed on our foreheads. Je t'aime tous les deux. Muah xoxo-kat.

Happy Belated Birthday Brooke! Jensen Ackles? The real dirt isn’t really with the actors. The real dirt is how the actors try to balance their appreciation for their supporters and running the f-ck away from the crazies. Which definitely is not you, and the proof is what you wrote: “then I got distracted and forgot to”. A real lunatic would never be distracted from the target! Here’s a good photo of your man. I’ll let you know if he’s ever up to no good.

To LIB who is missing Boots – Jon Hamm could totally play Boots. I know you’re hurting this weekend, and I can’t even imagine. But the way he went, having the best time in his neighbourhood, I suppose we should all be so fortunate, right? Big hug.

Happy Birthday Dawn from Bridget who requested for you some Daniel Dae Kim. Well… you have great taste.

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