Smutty Social Media, Wednesday April 29, 2015

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Justin Bieber is young Simba. So who is Scar? You can’t be the chosen one without a mortal enemy.



When in rome.... @justinbieber @joetermini @allisonjamiekaye @florido

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Oh and Justin’s doing a Zoolander 2 cameo. I feel like they are giving out way too much information on social media and they are going to use up all of the excitement before the movie comes out.



@benstiller #Zoolander2 #itsawignotmynewhair

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Patrick Dempsey has been pretty active on Instagram this month. Hmmm, looking for some “likes” perhaps? Actors are so needy.



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Calvin Harris posted two photos: Taylor Swift’s cats, and another of her friend circle, Halston Sage, Ellie Goulding and Haim. So it’s definitely still on.




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Ariel Winter’s prom photo is so cute! That’s a great prom dress.



Shmoopberry and I take prom😘❤🙈 #prom #prom2015

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Quinn and Abby wrap up season 4 on Scandal. Maybe they will get more lines in season 5?



Um hello! Love! ❤❤❤ @darbysofficial and @ktqlowes giving each other a cuddle on the last day of shooting #Scandal Season 4.

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Madonna with child.



Mama💛💙💜💚❤️💔! ❤️#rebelhearts

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Katherine Heigl takes her knitting to the hair parlor.



Barefoot Contessa’s Ina Garten with NPH and his husband David Burtka. I would love to cook with her, she doesn’t skimp on the butter.



Gigi Hadid’s birthday gift cards—I think this is a great idea. Philanthropic gifts are the way to go. For my son’s first birthday I had a toonie box (toonies are two dollar coins), with half going to a present and half to charity. It’s fantastic because no one needs to do a Toys R Us run and as a parent you don’t have end up with endless plastic toys, cardboard boxes and batteries. (That sounded much more Goop than I intended.)




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