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September 17, 2012 19:35:42 Posted at September 17, 2012 19:35:42
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Final TIFF Journal Entry for Visa includes an all-cast photo from etalk right before we Gangnam Styled it on the show. Click here.

Why does Jim Carrey always look like he’s being photographed mid-dance? (Dlisted)

The house that Carrie Bradshaw built (Too Fab)

OMG Awkward, OMG Awkward, OMG Awkward (The Superficial)

Emma Watson goes shopping with her boyfriend (Just Jared)

Eva Longoria’s sheer assed dress (Hollywood Tuna)

Blake Lively’s husband goes to the gym (Pop Sugar)

Hate this dress on Salma Hayek. Have hated everything on her lately (Cele|bitchy)

Suri Cruise’s attitude face is directed at her ma (Socialite Life)

Scabby still spreads (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Jen and Violet Affleck at the Farmer’s Market (I'm Not Obsessed)

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September 14, 2012 19:07:45 Posted at September 14, 2012 19:07:45
Jacek Posted by Jacek

It’s been a loooooong week and in Lainey’s words, she’s brain dead.  So we’ll wrap a little earlier today with some thoughts from our friends.   Have a great weekend!

Lainey’s talking to Jared Leto on her latest Visa blog.

Lindsay Lohan’s best PR hire in years (Dlisted)

Lady Gaga hired the old Spanish lady to do her head tattoo (Too Fab)

Ben Affleck name drops to impress (The Superficial)

This is the chastity belt of dresses.  Salma Hayak can’t even make this sexy (Just Jared)

Is smokin’ Maria MeouYES this tall, or is Shawn Johnson that short? (Hollywood Tuna)

Isn’t this what Johnny Depp wore on the carpet at TIFF the other day? Dude has to mix it up a little #eveniknowthis (Pop Sugar)

Britney barely sees her children (Cele|bitchy)

Miley seems confused (Evil Beet Gossip)

Bear and Bear no more? (Celebedge)


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September 13, 2012 21:54:16 Posted at September 13, 2012 21:54:16
Lainey Posted by Lainey

My braid bun! And Traci Melchor’s birthday cake was baked for her personality - my latest TIFF Journal entry for Visa - here.

I still can’t believe she and Lindsay Lohan aren’t best friends. We are getting ripped off. (Dlisted)

Where did this Candice Swanepoel come from? Why is she everywhere all the time all of a sudden? (The Superficial)

Love Kate Hudson’s suit jacket. Too bad about those creased pants (Too Fab)

Penelope in purple (Pop Sugar)

Ugh. What’s your damage, Hollywood??? (Cele|bitchy)

It’s official. Ryan Lochte just killed his chances at Rio 2016 with an Ebola Hilton infection (Just Jared)

Green is a good colour on Olivia Munn (Hollywood Tuna)

HE CALLED HIS KID BREEZE? BREEZE?????????????????????? (Pink Is The New Blog)

Sarah will be mad...but I still like the idea of Minka Kelly with Chris Evans (Popoholic)

Really into this Amy Adams outfit (Go Fug Yourself)

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September 12, 2012 22:00:49 Posted at September 12, 2012 22:00:49
Lainey Posted by Lainey

My ma crashed the etalk lounge - new TIFF Journal entry for Visa.

Amanda Bynes got her licence suspended so Lindsay Lohan had to answer back (Dlisted)

Jordin Sparks lost enough weight to pose candidly for the paps in a bikini (Too Fab)

Bras are so uncomfortable, if I was that age, I would too (The Superficial)

How Gwyneth Paltrow advises Kate Hudson (Just Jared)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend does yoga (Hollywood Tuna)

H7 is really cute and already she’s trying to upstage her mother’s show (Pop Sugar)

Tom Cruise made his ex-fake girlfriend get new teeth (Cele|bitchy)

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are back together? (Hollywood PQ)

Mrs Ryan Reynolds doesn’t wear pants while carrying a baby goat (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Glee does Call Me Maybe...finally, I guess? (Towleroad)


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September 11, 2012 22:51:44 Posted at September 11, 2012 22:51:44
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Bad chemistry with Ewan McGregor and my TIFF obsession with braids - read my latest TIFF Journal entry for Visa here.

This couple would be SO great for gossip (Dlisted)

Is that too high up to be a nipple sticker? Or have I just forgotten where young tits sit? (The Superficial)

My FAVOURITE video today - Chicken Fried goes Gangnam! (Too Fab)

More delicious H7 in NYC pictures (Pop Sugar)

I wonder if getting arrested is like getting hired for Amanda Bynes these days (Cele|bitchy)

Gross. Him. (Just Jared)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is a wearing a really cute bikini (Hollywood Tuna)

Kanye West’s girlfriend’s life is so tragically hard (Amy Grindhouse)

Matthew McConaughey’s wife should be a pregnancy model (Popoholic)

Why can she NOT get it together with her clothes??? (Go Fug Yourself)

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September 10, 2012 22:21:19 Posted at September 10, 2012 22:21:19
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Me and Jim Sturgess: When Photo Assumption is WRONG - click here for my Visa TIFF Photo Journal

Imagine if Peaches and Porny were in a mommy group together? (Dlisted)

Britney’s dancing for Twister now. Sh-t, they are squeezing every last dollar out of it, non? (Too Fab)

Kanye West used to jerk off to what he jerks off to now (The Superficial)

Will Megan Fox get a post-baby weight loss deal? (Just Jared)

For some reason looking at these Selena Gomez photos made me think of Pebbles Flintstone (Hollywood Tuna)

Natalie Portman, husband, and baby on the beach (Pop Sugar)

I don’t see a difference in Liam Neeson but maybe I’m desensitised? (Cele|bitchy)

No ring for Amy Poehler (Socialite Life)

Miley Cyrus, that is not a flattering pose (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

HATE the dress that Salma’s wearing (I'm Not Obsessed

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September 7, 2012 18:25:25 Posted at September 7, 2012 18:25:25
Lainey Posted by Lainey

My latest Visa TIFF Spotlight post is here if you’re wondering what Chinese soup looks like.

Lindsay Lohan joins Occupy Wall Street one year later (Dlisted)

These two families should totally merge (The Superficial)

Look who pretended to be Beyonce (Too Fab)

Cameron Diaz inked her neck (Pop Sugar)

What Twi-Hard foreplay looks like (Cele|bitchy)

More from the Blue Ivy Carter’s Mediterranean holiday (Just Jared)

How is this a real dress? (Hollywood Tuna)

Matt Bomer has perfect hair even when he’s boxing (Towleroad)

New mom Anna Faris pumps gas (Popoholic)

This is how you dress when no one knows who you are anymore (Go Fug Yourself)

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September 6, 2012 21:31:09 Posted at September 6, 2012 21:31:09
Lainey Posted by Lainey

You think Tori Spelling’s husband is jealous about this? (Dlisted)

Um, there’s a lot of photoshop happening here, right? (Too Fab)

Scarlett Johansson to rally the base? (The Superficial)

How can this be? There are new photos of Shia Labeouf and he hasn’t said anything dicky to go along with them. (Just Jared)

F-ck me I love her hair so, so, SO much I can’t stop saying it (Hollywood Tuna)

Brooklyn Decker’s tears (Pop Sugar)

Taylor IS singing about Jakey’s cut and run! (Cele|bitchy)

Super, super sexy Rachel McAdams (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

She’s an angel and there’s a beach and a LOT of cheese and you have to watch this RIGHT NOW (Hollywood PQ)

OK not to be super dirty but if you move that patch a few inches lower it’s, like, right above it, you know? (Go Fug Yourself)

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September 5, 2012 18:29:15 Posted at September 5, 2012 18:29:15
Lainey Posted by Lainey

You’ll know the answer to a blind riddle today. But don’t look forward to it too much. Because it will make you sad.

Kanye West knows the truth about his girlfriend (The Superficial)

I can’t hate a girl who’d shave her head for a friend (Too Fab)

Shia keeps talking and back-hand complimenting (Dlisted)

Oh look Canada. What we get to celebrate on our birthday. (Celeb|itchy)

Olivia Munn in another cheap looking dress (Hollywood Tuna)

I want to look like Gwen Stefani in her pants (Pop Sugar)

Pregnant Gisele walks in the rain (Just Jared)

Natalie Portman’s new Dior video (Popoholic)

Avril met Chad’s ma on speaker phone (Amy Grindhouse)

Blake Lively’s sick body in a dress (Go Fug Yourself)

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September 4, 2012 20:59:59 Posted at September 4, 2012 20:59:59
Lainey Posted by Lainey

What we ate in Halifax and why I loved it - here.

Funniest headline about this story (Dlisted)

This is a Jake Gyllenhaal look alike in Taylor Swift’s video, right? (Too Fab)

Slum love is all over it in the pool (The Superficial)

Gisele’s bikini baby bump on a balcony (Just Jared)

Christina Hendricks poses with a bow and arrow  (Hollywood Tuna)

Nikki Reed looks great on the beach (Pop Sugar)

Kristen Stewart covers Vogue UK (Cele|bitchy)

Cutest Labour Day couple (Socialite Life)

Miranda Kerr for Marie Claire (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Sister Pattinson is cockblocking Robsten? (I'm Not Obsessed)

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August 31, 2012 16:33:20 Posted at August 31, 2012 16:33:20
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Sasha gets a jump on winter coats in LifeStyle

Now I know why Leonardo DiCaprio’s accent in J Edgar was so sh-t (Dlisted)

GROSS. If I were Carey Mulligan I would not consider this a compliment (Too Fab)

Jesus, how do they raise these Lohans? How do they manage to trash every room they ever use? (The Superficial)

Megan Fox hides her baby with a paper bag...just like Claire Huxtable! (Just Jared)

Very weird the way Britney’s bikini top is sitting up (Hollywood Tuna)

Celebrities at the US Open (Pop Sugar)

Benedict Cumberbatch is such a bitch (Cele|bitchy)

Nicole Richie looks all washed out (Go Fug Yourself)

Guess what? Tom and Katie didn’t do it a lot. (Celebedge)

Wait, so does this mean Justin Bieber will ball-punch other dudes but can’t be ball-punched back? (Evil Beet Gossip)