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Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 12, 2014 19:49:14 May 12, 2014 19:49:14

This story is blowing up.

TMZ has now released extended footage of what happened in that elevator between Solange Knowles, Jay Z, and Beyonce. If you’re trying to understand what went down that night, if you’re looking for hints, clues, anything that might reveal the truth, it’s worth watching through the entire 3 minutes.

Duana and I have been on it over text. You’ll note – whatever’s setting Solange off, Beyonce doesn’t leave Jay’s side. She stands right next to him almost the entire time. Once in a while she bends down to pick something up, but there’s no move towards her sister either for comfort or for calming. She remains with Jay and the body language is, as Duana describes, “ramrod straight”. Like she’s enduring it. Like she’s endured it before. And he seems he’s endured it before too. He’s not looking at B like, what the f-ck is up with your sister. He’s also not looking at B like, hey, I didn’t do anything wrong, please believe me, please forgive me. Both of them are dealing with it like it’s been dealt with before. Like they know exactly what this is all about. And god help us, let’s get the f-ck home.

You’ll note, Beyonce only moves between Jay and Solange at the very end, when they’re trying to leave, and the elevator doors are open because then more people are watching and they all have to maintain the façade.   

That’s how we’re reading it. You?

Here are some shots taken right after the incident. Of course B is able to hold her sh-t together. Solange still looks pissed. And I’ll let you interpret her eyes.

More clues? Beyonce posted this to Instagram shortly after the incident. So is she with Jay because she’s protecting the empire at the expense of family? Or is she with Jay because, well, it’s the family that’s problem? 


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