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Who the hell ever knew Unser would be the voice of reason?

Duana Posted by Duana at November 3, 2011 11:58:33 November 3, 2011 11:58:33

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 9 recapI am a little bit at a loss for words.   It’s been a bit of a day all around, and it is absolutely preposterous that it would be because of a TV show.   That’s really on the edge of not-all-that-rational.   But you know, after this episode, I’m really curious. Full Story

I May Never Eat Kale Again

Duana Posted by Duana at October 27, 2011 19:45:31 October 27, 2011 19:45:31

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 8 recap I have this kale addiction. I eat kale salad (kale, raw garlic, sea salt, olive oil, lemon juice) like three times a week.  It makes me happy, even as it horrifies the other members of my household. (Lainey: and me, her part-time roommate) But I might be done. Full Story

Puppet Jax, Clay’s self doubt, and oh Juice

Duana Posted by Duana at October 20, 2011 19:32:54 October 20, 2011 19:32:54

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 7 recapI asked Lainey after last week, did Jax used to do things?  She said that in fact he did – that he’d been neutered this season. And that got me thinking: what has to happen for you to be neutered? What happens when you stop doing things and start just reacting to what’s around you?  This week was about everyone making hero moves and getting egg smashed on their faces for their trouble. Full Story


Duana Posted by Duana at October 13, 2011 16:15:52 October 13, 2011 16:15:52

Sons of Anarchy recap Season 4 Episode 6 Remember last week, when Juice stole a brick of coke like a teenager?  We’re back in the back-truck area,  and Juice tries to do the whole best-defense-good-offense thing to explain why there’s a missing brick.   He does, of course, get jumped on by one of the Mayans but Jax pulls him off. Full Story

Hasselhoff in Charming

Duana Posted by Duana at October 6, 2011 16:49:50 October 6, 2011 16:49:50
Roshan Perera/Splash

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 5 Recap Previously on Sons of Anarchy,  Roosevelt reminded Juice that the Sons would kick him out if they found out he was black,  Big Otto was talked to by Lincoln, Tara is carrying around her secret about JT, the guys are running coke. Gemma, in prison, stares at Otto. Full Story

Sons of Anarchy 4-4

Duana Posted by Duana at September 29, 2011 18:31:41 September 29, 2011 18:31:41

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 4 recap When I last talked to Lainey about this show, I told her “I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about these people’’ but that I like Gemma. She responded with “wait ‘til she really starts to do some f-cked up sh*t”. I have this feeling today is the day…Anyway, you remember what’s been going on with the weapons delivery and whatnot, right? And how Jax wants out and Clay promises that’s OK? And how running drugs passed at church, 6-5? Tara wakes up to find Jax scribbling some notes, but he’s cagey about what they are. Full Story

Who are you rooting for?

Duana Posted by Duana at September 26, 2011 19:53:55 September 26, 2011 19:53:55

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 3 recap As I watched Sons this week, in all its basketball-y, ant-ridden glory, I had a question. Actually, several. Today’s more about questions than answers, and I wanted to know - who, exactly, thinks they’re smarter than whom? It’s not that I don’t think Clay is sincere, for example, when he says Tara’s news made him happy. Full Story

About Last Night

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 15, 2011 09:27:00 September 15, 2011 09:27:00

Written by Duana Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 2 recap So I got completely wrapped up in last week, but why do I think there will be fewer cuddly puppies and bunnies for me this time around? Also, I had a panic attack this morning because I couldn’t remember the name of Jax and Tara’s son. Full Story

First time Sons

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 8, 2011 11:27:00 September 8, 2011 11:27:00

Written by Duana Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 1 recap You know, I’ve never been arrested. Or detained or, for that matter, grounded with any sense of consistency. So why do I feel such a sense of freedom when the SAMCRO boys peel out of jail into the sunshine? Welcome to my first SOA recap (and the first TV one of fall! Yay/Gross!) where I’m experimenting with getting to know a whole new ‘family’, feeling out what this show does for me and for you guys, and so forth. Full Story