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On to our last week of the BREEZER gossip series as we explore celebrity relaxation, brought to you by Bacardi ® BREEZER. Bacardi is celebrating BREEZER Season by giving you a chance at a Luxurious Labour Day Getaway in Whistler or Muskoka. They’re also celebrating the launch of NEW Passion Pink Lemonade, part of their line-up of delicious beverages. Details are below.

Bacardi ® BREEZER has presented relaxation the celebrity way for the last few weeks. Click here if you’ve missed the previous posts. Last week it was Simon Baker with his wife and children in the South of France. This week let’s spend some time with some off duty footies in Miami.

While many of their fellow countrymen and teammates are in South Africa playing for national pride, Juventus players Sebastian Giovinco and Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira will have to hope for 2014 in Brazil. BRAZIL. World Cup. Can you imagine? I want to go. After I join them on holiday. I could babysit Sebastian. That little guy looks like trouble. Good trouble.

I’m sure there’s enough of that to keep him busy in South Florida as he tries to distract himself from the Azzurri’s troubles. A draw against New Zealand? Oh. La.
Remember that Bacardi ® BREEZER teams will be enjoying the summer with you at various festivals around the country. The next stop for Bacardi ® BREEZER is Montreal for Osheaga on July 31 – August 1. This festival is jam packed with lots of amazing music, Arcade Fire, Weezer, Metric, Keane, Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg just to name a few. If you want more details visit www.bacardibreezer.ca for your link to the festival and a chance to win tickets.

And the getaway? Journey in style and comfort to your exclusive cottage destination in Muskoka, On. or Whistler, BC. At this getaway you’ll be revitalized with a private yoga session, indulged with a gourmet meal and a fully stocked pantry and pampered with facials and body scrubs. Visit bacardibreezer.ca/ for details and a chance to enter. No purchase necessary.

About Bacardi Breezer

BACARDI® BREEZER is a refreshing tasting blend of premium BACARDI® rum, exotic natural and artificial flavourings and carbonated water. This summer favourite is available in a variety of fruit flavours: Tropical Orange Smoothie; Island Pineapple; Pina Colada; Strawberry Daiquiri and, launching just in time for this summer, its NEW BACARDI® BREEZER Passion Pink Lemonade.

BACARDI® BREEZER is proud to be one of the first in its category to re-package its entire line-up into environmentally friendly PET plastic.

BACARDI, BACARDI BREEZER & Design and the Bat device are registered trademarks of Bacardi & Company Limited. Cooler 5% Alc. By vol.

Photos from Robert Keshishian / London Ent./ Splashnewsonline.com

*celebrity names/images are used for editorial purposes only and have no association with the products featured in this advertorial

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