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The holidays are fast approaching. And, unlike previous years, I don’t feel like it’s slowing down. By now, normally, I’m writing Best and Worst Lists because celebrities start shutting down, not bothering to waste any good self promotion while everyone’s out shopping for presents, preferring to save it all for January, during award season, when everyone’s back at work and paying attention.

Thanks to babies, royal and civilian, young love, and a very tight Oscar season though, no one is getting a break. I’ve only watched Love Actually once this year! And it was on a plane! This changes soon, when we leave for Tofino where we’re spending the holidays. Love Actually will be on continuous loop.

Do you have a holiday movie list? Or a holiday viewing list?

New data suggests that Canadian holiday traditions may be changing, and families are curling up to watch movies during the holiday season at a greater rate than in the past.  Perhaps a sign of the times (TVs are so much better now) or grip of the sluggish economy.  Either way, research shows that watching movies together is amongst the top five holiday traditions in Canada and Netflix wants to be a part of that tradition in your home. 

Here’s a holiday viewing guide I’ve pulled together from what’s running on Netflix over the next few weeks.  

Love Actually
Miracle On 34th Street
Notting Hill

That’s 4 nights.  The other 8 are up you.

AND - bonus!

The Hunger Games will be available in Canada on Netflix beginning New Year’s Eve -- BEFORE members in the US.

Also… Netflix Canada just announced that Arrested Development will premiere here in 2013 at the same time as it will in America. The Bluths are COMING BACK!

Please. I’ll tell you exactly what I’ll be doing in Tofino: binge-ing on the Bluths to prepare for the new episodes. All three previous seasons are available on Netflix. It’s a show you can watch over and over and over again. 

Attached - George Michael Bluth, aka Michael Cera, in Hollywood with some friends last week.

$8 a month for unlimited TV and movies and you’ve got thousands of other options at your fingertips.  And gifting a Netflix subscription provides great value for gift-givers as well.  Click here to find out more and here to browse their entire line-up of movies and to sign up.


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