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Over the next few weeks we will explore Celebrity Shoe Lust courtesy of BAND-AID® Brand Blister Cushions. Killer stacks and BAND-AID® Brand. A logical fit, non? I have personal experience with this too as part of my job description involves waiting on a carpet in heels for 3 hours for a celebrity to arrive. Heels. Straps. Whatever. Brian Atwoods are particularly medieval in this regard. During the Toronto International Film Festival, by the second day, year after year, I’m rocking blister cushions behind my ankles. And if you look down at the feet of most reporters on a media line, chances are you’ll see the same.

So let’s get right into it. First up, we’ll go back in time to one of my all-time picks for Best Stage Shoe Lust courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow. Practical? Um, no. But still. That entire outfit at the Grammys was amazing. She could barely stand, but it was amazing. From the pink feathers to that bodysuit to those ridiculous Christian Louboutin Colourblock Booties.

Like, you spent a thousand dollars on these things …and where are you supposed to go? You can’t go anywhere! Or at least not far. As in drop me off at the door, I’m taking the elevator, I’ve arrived late on purpose so everyone will be there when I take one lap around the room to show them off, and then I’ll take a seat for the rest of the night, thank you.

That’s my approach. Gwyneth being Gwyneth, of course she had to stomp around on a piano in them.

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