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Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 28, 2011 07:09:29 June 28, 2011 07:09:29

On to week four of our Band-Aid© Celebrity Shoe Lust feature - the best shoes worn so far this year. Killer stacks. Likely killer pain. Heels. Straps. Toe pinch. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter when you look like some of the ladies we’ve featured thus far. Only if, like me, you’re WAITING for these ladies for three hours on a red carpet. But that’s what BAND-AID® Brand Blister Cushions are for.

If you missed the previous features, you can catch up on all the posts here. Last week we had Claudia Schiffer grabbing coffee after a school run in three-storey high suede boots. Yup, just your every-day, errand running thousand dollar suede boots.

This week it’s Beyoncé, who stomped through Nice airport recently like Victoria Beckham styles in massive heels. Not only in height but I'm telling you, the toe there, it's a tight squeeze. To the point where when you eventually take them off, sometimes you wonder whether or not there might be some paralysis setting in. This is why Posh has the bunions. Does Beysus have bunions? Well, when she's on tour, she certainly has the opportunity to develop them.

Have you seen what Beyoncé can do on stage in heels? I mean, I know I talk about it all the time but I only talk about it all the time because it's amazing. When they call her the most exciting performer of the Now, it's no exaggeration. If you've never seen B live, trust me it's not a waste of money.

With the new album Four launch, and an imminent tour, this is a good opportunity. And then we can imagine that bunion-off between her and Posh. Something tells me though that Beyonce's feet aren't quite as mashed up as Victoria's. If I had to bet on who had the prettier ones, my money'd be on B. You?

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