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Our BREEZER gossip series continues as we explore celebrity relaxation and Bacardi ® Breezer wants to celebrate BREEZER Season by giving you a chance at a Luxurious Labour Day Getaway in Whistler or Muskoka. They’re also celebrating the launch of NEW Passion Pink Lemonade, part of their line-up of delicious beverages. Details are below.

Bacardi ® BREEZER has been bringing you relaxation celeb-styles for the last few weeks and will be doing so right through June. Click here if you’ve missed the previous weeks. Last week it was Halle in her hot bikini enjoying the sun in Miami. This week it’s Naomi Campbell on what appears to be an interminable holiday. Life is a holiday.

Naomi is with her hot beast of a Russian billionaire boyfriend on his yacht in the South of France. Here they are, on a run with their trainer, before heading back onto the boat where they get stretched by the trainer, after which they quickly return to hard work, in swimwear, lounging on the deck.

If I were her then, I wouldn’t want to walk up two flights of stairs either. Naomi is being sued by Moodform Mission because she bailed on their 12 year fragrance contract. Apparently she was lazy and greedy (the best combination, non?) and once backed out of a promotional appearance in Australia because the lift wasn’t in service and she’d have to take herself up the stairs. The Moodform people also say that she was temperamental, never on time, and when angry, would use a bottle for a weapon. Not sure if she was double fisting her attacks with her cell phone.

Naomi is blaming her behaviour and all subsequent drama re: the contract on Carole White, her agent at the time. In a countersuit against White, she says she was unaware of her obligations and that White conned her into a deal that she hadn’t agreed to. White’s representation insists that Naomi was in full control:

"The human element that brings the parties before the court is clear: greed, ingratitude and a grotesque sense of entitlement on the part of Campbell that, in her mind, justifies her doing anything she wants to do, including stealing her business partners' money and then lying about what happened." (Source)

Right then.

It might be a good time now to bring up this epic video, not only because of her botched interview and crazy b-tchface with ABC about her alleged blood diamond but note also the anchorman’s reaction afterwards. Watch to the end. It’s AMAZING.

Bacardi ® BREEZER teams will be partying with you this summer at various festivals around the country. The first stop will be NXNE in Toronto’s Dundas Square between June 17 and 20. Details of the other stops are coming real soon so stay tuned for more festival dates and places.

And now this getaway…Journey in style and comfort to your exclusive cottage destination in Muskoka, On. or Whistler, BC. At this getaway you’ll be revitalized with a private yoga session, indulged with a gourmet meal and a fully stocked pantry and pampered with facials and body scrubs. Visit bacardibreezer.ca/ for details and a chance to enter. No purchase necessary.

About Bacardi Breezer

is a refreshing tasting blend of premium BACARDI® rum, exotic natural and artificial flavourings and carbonated water. This summer favourite is available in a variety of fruit flavours: Tropical Orange Smoothie; Island Pineapple; Pina Colada; Strawberry Daiquiri and, launching just in time for this summer, its NEW BACARDI® BREEZER Passion Pink Lemonade.
BACARDI® BREEZER is proud to be one of the first in its category to re-package its entire line-up into environmentally friendly PET plastic.

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