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Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 5, 2010 14:01:00 March 5, 2010 14:01:00

The Heart Truth™ Campaign for healthy hearts

The Oscars are only 2 days away. etalk will be on the red carpet as usual and this year I’ll be live-blogging the drama for CTV. During the show CTV will also air a short film commissioned by Becel to remind women to take care of their hearts. Why? Because heart disease and stroke is the leading cause of death among women in Canada yet most women don’t even know it! As the founding sponsor of the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s The Heart Truth campaign, Becel is working hard to put heart health on everyone’s radar.

You can do your part to help spread the ‘The Heart Truth’. First watch the film. Then share it with your loved ones join the on the Love Your Heart at facebook.com/loveyourheart. For every fan, Becel will donate $1 to The Heart Truth campaign– up to $25,000.

In addition to the short film, you can watch my friend and colleague Tanya Kim wear a specially designed red dress during CTV’s Oscar pre-show. You may recall I participated in The Hearth Truth Fashion Show last year in support of the same cause. The theme was red and I, along with several other women in Canadian media modeled a line of red dresses. Andy-Thê-Anh was one of those designers and Tanya will wear his dress. The Red Dress is the symbol of The Heart Truth campaign. It is feminine, strong and confident and represents women’s courage and passion. It was designed to help raise awareness about the importance of heart health for women in Canada.

And for our last red dress rewind, we revisit Amanda Seyfried’s disappointing selection last year. UGH. It was cheap, it was cluttered, it was unflattering, and worst of all… it was totally Junior. She looked like she was going to the Oscars for the first time. No, actually, she looked like one of those contest winners who buys bathroom tissue and sends in a coupon and ends up on the red carpet for the first time. Terrible.

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