Sponsored Tingles: Canada Post Re-Gifters Revealed

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 9, 2008 07:32:00 December 9, 2008 07:32:00

As we mentioned last week, to celebrate the season of re-gifting Canada Post is giving away a “fabulous $5,000 vacation package”, kinda like Bridget’s retreat to Thailand, only hopefully you won’t end up singing Madonna songs in a prison cell full of a massage parlour workers.

To enter the contest, complete the Re-gifter Quiz (i.e. the sweater), then forward it to a friend to qualify (re-gift the sweater). Easy. In these tight waddle times, everyone could use a free holiday. Good luck!

As for your stories…

We received many hilarious Canada Post Re-gifting submissions! Clearly it’s a developing art. And it was a tough choice but the winner is A.Y. from Vancouver. Here’s her story:

Dear Lainey,

My Grandmother was the queen of regifting. Everything and anything was allowable. She was a grumpy, old Burmese woman who was very tight with her money.

When my brothers and I were youngsters getting Granny a gift at Christmas meant buying her either a shawl, Pot of Gold chocolates or bath soaps. We were young and Mom & Dad gave us $20 to spend. Granny would always thank us and scurry off to her bedroom with the present. She would then come out with our gifts, they would either still in their original wrapping or the original packaging would be slightly compromised. These gifts would often include shawls, Pot of Gold chocolates (with certain chocolates missing) and bath soaps. When we were young we didn’t notice that these gifts were the very ones we had given her the year before, as we got older this became painfully obvious. She did the same thing with all of her children and grandchildren. She would always save the gifts for one year and use them in the next and in her earlier years never failing to re-gift the items to the family who had originally presented them to her. I always wondered if that was on purpose or by weird chance.

One year, in an attempt to stop Granny’s regifting we tried to give her more personal items such as socks, thermal under garments and, yes, even a bra that she had been obsessing over in the Sears catalogue. Granny left the packaged wrapped thanked us and still scuttled off to her bedroom where she would reuse the gifts for the next year. I don’t think she ever knew what was in them. When the next year came around one of my brothers received the aforementioned bra. We learned our lesson.

It became a family joke. We began buying her things that we would want ourselves and wait patiently for them the following year. As the years went on Granny began to amass quite the collection of gifts. She would forget who gave what and would often cut some people out of her life so there were fewer gifts to give out. When she passed away earlier this year my Dad and I went into her closet and were overwhelmed by the number of Christmas presents that she had collected. It took us over a week to clear everything out and sort through all of the gifts. She had ones dating back over 10 years!

There was only one present that Granny never regifted. The year before she passed away we got her a bottle of 12-year-old Chivas Regal (Granny liked her Scotch – a lot). She was about to take the unwrapped gift to her bedroom to join the stock pile when we stopped her and forced her to open it. Granny finished that bottle in one night.

Christmas will always makes me think of her epic regifting skills. I can only hope that one day when I am old and slightly senile that I will be half the regifter she was.

A.Y., your Ray Bans are on their way.

If you’d like to read a few more of your re-gift story submissions (including the runner-up - now the proud owner of the “Mark Darcy-esque” Holiday Sweater), click here.

Thanks everyone and on behalf of Canada Post…Happy Re-gifting this Holiday Season!

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