Sp’d Tingles K-Y Hot Couples:Tom/Gisele vs Leo/Bar

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 2, 2009 11:45:30 July 2, 2009 11:45:30

2nd installment in the K-Y Intense hot couple-off. Click here to see the results of the Depps vs the Pitts and submit your vote for this week.

This week – Leo Edition!

They call him a modeliser. Leonardo DiCaprio dates them exclusively. People.com reported that he and Bar Rafaeli had broken up but on the same day that story went online, photographs of the two of them shopping at a bookstore the night before were released to the blogs. These two are always on and off. They break up once a year. And get back together once a year. Let’s assume then that they’re still together. Because there’s no other model hot enough to take her place. Yet.

Before Bar however there was Gisele. Remember Leo and Gisele? Gisele had Leo before the doughy 30s took over his face. And they were on and off too. And then the final off sent her to Tom Brady whom she married and with whom she is now expecting a child.

Tom and Gisele. Perfection. Their child will challenge my celebrity baby theory. Both at the top of their games.

But Bar is younger. And there’s the breasts. And that body. The one that’s currently gracing the cover of the current Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, an honour Gisele herself has never held. Of course it’s the Leo factor. Tom Brady is QB1. With 3 Superbowl rings. But beyond North America, no one cares. Leonardo DiCaprio is a universal superstar…

He’s dated both. But couple for couple, manmeat for manmeat, supermodel vs supermodel, which two would you, um, rather observe as a fly on the wall?

It wouldn’t be a couple hot-off if it wasn’t hard, no pun intended. On the one hand, who wouldn’t want to witness Tom & Gisele and their gorgessity explosion? On the other hand…Leo is a freak. I’ve no doubt, when he’s able to function, and not impaired by alcohol, that he likes to get his freak on. That might be more visually stimulating. Like popcorn worthy. More than Brady/Bundchen?

You vote.

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Photos from Splashnewsonline.com

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