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Porny & the turkey leg

As you know, Dr. Oetker has been sponsoring the Savoury Moments on our site. Ask any advanced gossip – it’s not savoury if it’s not on camera! So shoot your own Savoury Moments, win one of five Sony DSC-W270 Digital Cameras and pap yourself! Contest details and the entry ballot can be found here.

There were many savoury moments this month in gossip. From the Met Gala and Anna Wintour’s Mother/Daughter Fail to the Cannes film festival and the Pitt Porn…

But she’s our Old Faithful, that Porny Simpson. Jessica Simpson, as always, is the gift that keeps on giving. She’s a gift to observers, and she’s a gift to writers. She was the inspiration behind one of the funniest Vanity Fair articles I have ever read – her profile this month in which the journalist actually compared her microphone to a TURKEY LEG and described his inner monologue, obsessed about her “fat” totally made my life.

You can’t get away with something like this with most celebrities. Most celebrity editorials are handled with exact specifications and warnings and threats of boycott should the publication not drink the Kool Aid.

But Jessica Simpson’s star has fallen so low, Vanity Fair’s reporter was able to take direct aim, not blow sugar all over the article, but as he wanted to write it. And the result… Amazingness.

For the last month or so, Jessica has remained undercover, travelling with Tony Romo, staying away from paparazzi frequented locations, and, they say, busting her ass on the treadmill. Meanwhile Papa Joe is on full rescue mode. How to turn around her career?


Get rid of HIM.

Photos attached of Porny performing at the Dixon May Fair recently from Bauergriffinonline.com

Dr. Oetker

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