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Like we told you last week, Showcase is running His & Hers blockbusters every weekend in May on Action and Showcase Diva. There are titles for “him,” titles for "her" and titles couples can watch together. Did you watch last week? And did their street teams catch up with you? See where they are this week below.

This week it’s Sweeney Todd May 15 at 9pm on Showcase Diva and Alien vs. Predator May 16 at 9pm on Action

Now about Sweeney Todd. There was an article recently in Entertainment Weekly about muses. And they posited that Helena Bonham Carter is Tim Burton’s. Yes. But he has two, non? And the most high profile of these of course as we all know is Johnny Depp. So when the maestro has both of his artists at his disposal and it’s a musical and it’s a ghoulish high risk piece, what then is the result? Alice in Wonderland appealed to the 3D masses. Sweeney Todd however, while very well reviewed, did not strike the same popular chord. Understandable. It’s esoteric fare. It’s strange and intangible and high concept – the anti Disney. And Sweeney Todd is the anti Jack Sparrow. Or... is he?

You could argue that Johnny is great because he can straddle the artforms so fluidly. Big box office vs bizarre and unconventional. But in the last few years, bizarre and unconventional is all he’s been. So is it a comfort zone in the same way that McConaughey’s is in the style of romantic comedy? Is it almost easier for Johnny to be weird than it is for him to play “normal”? How much has he really stretched?

I still can’t decide but it’s a conversation I’ve had often when discussing Johnny’s body of work. It would be nice to see his “real face” for a change. At the same time, I admire so much that he’s willing to go where others of his stature rarely have the courage to go, to mine material that would often be rejected without his support. Sweeney Todd is an important entry in his oeuvre. And I may be a little perverse but I do love his crazy eyes.

Attached – Johnny won several MTV Movie Awards for his performance in Sweeney Todd. And was a surprise guest that night to collect his award.

Alien vs. Predator. A sci-fi icon mash-up, it’s the stuff of fanboy orgasm. Which is why it grossed over $170 million worldwide on a $60 million budget. You scoff, I scoff, but the numbers, this is the only language of Hollywood. And this is also why they’re rebooting the Predator franchise this summer with Adrien Brody in the lead. So if we’re speaking in stereotypes, AvP is a movie for boys. Boys will pay for the guts and the gory and the war and the weaponry. And, curiously enough, boys will watch the guts and the gory and the war and weaponry over and over again. I’ll take it on a weekend cuddle once in a while. If only we can both agree to chase it with an episode of Friday Night Lights.

This Friday the Showcase street teams are located at Union Station and Yonge & Bloor from 3-6pm, again handing out free packages of popcorn to enjoy with your Action and Showcase Diva weekend movie lineup. And they’re at a different third location each Friday. This week they’re at Queen & John/Spadina.

And again, remember to tune in to Sweeney Todd on Showcase Diva May 15 at 9pm and Alien vs. Predator on Action May 16 at 9pm.

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