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Showcase’s His & Hers blockbusters continue this week on Action and Showcase Diva. There are titles for “him,” titles for "her" and titles couples can watch together. This week it’s Fool’s GoldMay 22 at 9pm on Showcase Diva and The Simpsons MovieMay 23 at 9pm on Action. And remember their street teams again this week. Details below.

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, the queen and king of the romantic same movie. It feels like they’ve worked together more than they actually have when in fact, I think, it’s only been twice. Fool’s Gold was the second time, and I’d bet it won’t be the last time. The plot is not relevant. What you see it for is the chemistry. Because no matter the story, they do indeed spark. And they definitely look like they belong together. And Fool’s Gold really marked the point in Matthew McConaughey’s career when he started walking around with his shirt off like ALL the time. Since then, he’s never really put it back on. Matthew McConaughey is dirty, tanned, and bare chested for 100 minutes. Kate is bronzed too. And her body is ridiculous. And she’s proudly flaunting her old breasts. So in many ways I see this movie as a tribute to what they once were.

Remember when Matt Damon did this?

The Simpsons Movie earned a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Well written, smart, sharp, and still relevant. I am not a Simpsons expert. Some people I know can identify every episode, can recite lines from the show, live by the show. I will however watch The Simpsons when a rerun happens to be on while I’m stretching, when I have 20 minutes to spare in front of the tv. The Simpsons is always good for laughs. The entire movie was good for laughs. And it’s such a boy thing, non? Boys LOVE The Simpsons. It’s one of the few things boys seem to love that isn’t titty inspired.

This is the last Friday the Showcase street teams are located at Union Station and Yonge & Bloor from 3-6pm, again handing out free packages of popcorn to enjoy with your Action and Showcase Diva weekend movie lineup. Their third location this Friday is at Danforth & Pape.

And again, remember to tune in to Fool’s Gold on Showcase Diva May 22 at 9pm and The Simpsons Movie on Action May 23 at 9pm.

Attached: Matthew and Kate at the UK Fool’s Gold premiere in October 2008.

Photos from Wenn.com

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