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Live like Drew!

You think Posh is pissed? That Drew wore it first? This is Drew Barrymore at Letterman yesterday in Giambattisa Valli- a gorgeous black dress that was made for Drew's body. So much better than Victoria Beckham's concrete breasts and bones.

She's toned and curvy and she has an ass.

Also love the updo - must file away for future copy. It's the braid. And the way she's wearing it - definitely not wedding, far from prom.

Drew is working it hard for Grey Gardens. She said it's the role of her life, has never studied a role with so much determination. As such, she's adding something extra in her promotional efforts. And, needless to say, given the source material, and that Little Edie expressed her drama iconically through her clothes, Drew's press wardrobe for this tour was a top priority.

As you know, Drew has always been a Letterman favourite. Remember when she flashed him?

Last night's appearance was much tamer but she can never turn off her flirt when she's on his couch. She also can’t seem to turn off Edie. When did Drew’s laugh get so throaty? Is this tingling you?

Drew on Letterman Part 1

Drew on Letterman Part 2

As soon as she finished taping though, Drew was right back on a plane, in more casual attire, and a hot pair of strappy heels, off to her next scheduled appearance. Can't wait to see what's next.

Grey Gardens airs on HBO Canada on Saturday at 8pm with the original documentary immediately following. Watch that one first! Then see Drew become Little Edie.

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Photos from Flynetonline.com and Wenn.com and Jose Perez/Splashnewsonline.com

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