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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 12, 2009 08:07:22 September 12, 2009 08:07:22

Get Access to the hottest rooftop party, Exclusively from Diet Coke®

For the last 2 years during the festival, the Park Hyatt Roof latenight has been the place to crash. It’s where the Brange, after the Yorkville lunatic riots, sought refuge from the crazies who were begging them to bless their babies. True story. That night, Angie was spotted leaning back against Brad on a white leather couch while nearby, Sean Penn presided over his minions.

The Park Hyatt Roof is where Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler first hooked up last year – she twirled her hair, the proverbial canoodling ensued, and now they’re maybe dating but only if it sells The Bounty.

One of the most memorable evenings for us was Adrien Brody TIFF 2008. Michelle, Duana, Laura, Jen B, and I went up there after a long day on the carpet. Did I mention it’s open bar? Laura and I were engaged in a business chat with some movie people for a while so we were behind on the martinis. When we returned, Michelle and Duana had taken over Brody’s banquette and were not about to relinquish.

This is when Laura and I decided to break up with them for the rest of the night.

Also – the Roof is where I finally appreciated the prettiness of Ben Barnes.

Sigh. Memories of the Roof are all good. Except for the time we had to evacuate when Ebola came around.

The Roof during the festival is very, very difficult to access.

Do you want a chance to party on the Roof? Diet Coke is offering an exclusive opportunity.

The Diet Coke Style Spotters are cruising around Toronto, looking for the hottest red carpet-ready “fashionistas” to enter for a chance to win rooftop passes. Find the Style Spotters between September 3 and 14, 2009, and you and a friend could find yourselves lounging with the A-List crowd.

When you catch up with the Style Spotters, refresh yourself with Diet Coke®. At zero calories, it’s a positively uplifting way to refresh yourself!

Visit iCoke.ca/dietcoke for full details.

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