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Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 8, 2009 07:09:06 April 8, 2009 07:09:06

Bono and U2 kick off the 360° Tour on June 30th in Barcelona. Four straight months across Europe and North America. SO exhausting, right? Which is why he’s enjoying some downtime before getting to work. On holiday with his wife Ali Hewson, and their children, and…

Helena Christensen.

She’s Ali’s bestie. And they go on vacation all the time together. All of them. And people talk. Especially about photos like this one. But it’s all very evolved, and whatever works for them is clearly working for them, so go on and get judgy about it but they don’t seem to mind, so why should you? Everyone looks very happy, very relaxed, and in Bono’s case, rather portly too. It’s weird seeing him without his shirt on. Close your eyes, Bono is always that dude in shades, on stage, larger than life but not necessarily around the waist. He turns 50 next year, also the 30th anniversary of Boy. Damn. I just felt that. The age.

Anyway, Bono and family and friend, they’re in St Barts. At this crazy sweet luxury resort called Eden Rock, not unlike where you could be staying should you win the Royale Reno-cation Contest!

Royale is giving away a home renovation and spa vacation valued at $20,000 that includes a $13,000 upgrade for your place and then a $7,000 spa vacation to the Bahamas to celebrate your improvements. To enter or for details, click here. Good luck!

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Photos from Papapress/Splashnewsonline.com

Royale Renocation

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